Art Camps provides a variety of services from advising in all aspects of buying and selling artworks from well-known artists, jewelry and antiques.We advise clients on all aspects of the purchase and disposal of artworks, whether at auction or privately. We also sell art works at auction on behalf of our clients and negotiate directly with the auction houses to get the best possible terms.
Valuation and appraisal
We value your collection with fair market value. First, we need to examine the conservation and status of the pieces, we take some pictures and gather the data for further study and valuation. If you prefer you could receive an initial valuation by sending an email with the documentation, photographs, and sizes.
We help you with your inheritances. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you with your inheritance, valuation, and sale.
We are at your entire disposal when it comes to counseling you on the acquisition of new pieces or sales. We help those who aim to build an art collection or just for acquiring a new artwork, and those who aim to sell. We assist clients and we also help you to find a piece within agreed budgets.